Truths about filipino should know

That is Truths about filipino should know the society suffers.

We love our family to pieces. These are the things OFWs need to endure to earn money so we should be considerate of them in times that our demand is not given.

Many of us are afraid to think. Thank you for reading and sharing with others, especially those in our homeland. We look down at fellow Filipinos who have not been where we had and brag about where we had been, i. Sharing is a thing of beauty which helps keep them fed until the next paycheck.

But when I finally started dating my non-Filipino boyfriend, there were a few things he needed to know: It involves a "shaking of the foundations" or a "rocking of the boat" since it requires us to question our culture: Many of us are too lazy to think.

We brag about the colorfulness of our barrio fiestas. What of the peasants too for whom the future also holds nothing but the desperate search for food and security that occupies them today?

Only after having done so can we finally act and enlist the needed energies of that majority to effect such changes for the "common good. Before they can send their remittances, OFWs must endure first the homesickness and hardship of working away from their families.

Under the Spaniards, this deprivation was open. The fact that the Filipino worker in the homeland will work the same number of hours for much less buying power or work more hours to purchase the same amount of food or clothing does not shock nor cross our minds.

There is a need to look inward and realize some unpleasant truths about ourselves as native Malay Filipino individuals and as a society. They think they can slowly pressure me and break me down, but Filipinas are raised to believe sex is for someone you intend to spend the rest of your lives with.

The rest are still struggling to meet the needs of the family. Just point-and-click at each listed item to open and read. Leisure time is not seen as an opportunity for meaningful social interaction. Filipino nationalism sees that the interests of the G7 nations, their TNCs are antagonistic to the long-term interests of underdeveloped nations such as ours.

To gain self-knowledge and self-understanding, we must look critically at what we are and why, examine the history and nature of our society which must be changed, then determine the direction of those changes.

Families with members working abroad are being envied by neighbors especially when balikbayan boxes arrives laden with imported things such as chocolates, shoes, clothes, gadgets and any other things. Thus, like our fellow countrymen back home, we are still alienated from ourselves and from society.

This is a common experience among Filipino girls. The only good part seems to be that as life becomes deeply unbearable, our cynicism will turn into more dissent and our indifference which hopefully will give way to an active search for real alternative approaches to our problems.

To be "happy-happy" during vacation, some OFWs spend much more than needed. We need to be politicized not limited to participation in elections, which are shams and charades for foreign consumptionbut in terms of a consciousness of our right to a better life, an awareness of our power to achieve such a goal by united action, a sense of duty to participate in nation-building ultimately for the common good.

We Filipinos also have a saying: The truths every Filipino should know… Today, I will write a manifesto.

Between paying multiple debts, providing for their family in the Philippines, living expenses and filling the balikbayan box, is there is anything left to save? Are there more people coming? Our goals, our happiness,our possibilities as human beings have been reduced to crude economic terms.

Forwarding this and other posts to relatives and friends, especially those in the homeland, is greatly appreciated. We have not integrated or internalized christian or humanist values in our whole being.5 Brutal Truths About Dating A Filipina (As Written By One) 5 Brutal Truths About Dating A Filipina (As Written By One) like us on facebook.

(female of "Filipino"), such as myself, tend to.

5 Crucial Facts You Need To Know About Dating A Filipina

Here are 9 Truths You Should Know About The Life of OFWs Share Asking for a "pasalubong" from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who is going home for a vacation is very common.

7 Truths about Filipino Women White Men Relationships. Description. Filipino women love white men. The moment I landed in Manila, I knew how Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, and Justin Bieber must feel every single day.

It’s not true that all Filipinas are attractive to white guys. In fact, I know a lot of Filipino women who are educated, well. The truths every Filipino should know Today, I will write a manifesto. I’d like to correct the perception that my generation is apathetic to the state of the nation.

Lifestyle OFW Loan. The “OFWs Are Rich” Myth Debunked: Top 10 Home Truths People Should Know About Overseas Filipino Workers If you are still under the impression that all OFWs are rich thus justify the ATM-like treatment, read to know the truth.

There is a need to look inward and realize some unpleasant truths about ourselves as native Malay Filipino individuals and as a society.

Allow me to just add something about a Filipino shoud know. I have been here in the Philippines for seven years involving in .

Truths about filipino should know
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