The life of pope john xxiii

With the entry of Italy into World War I in he was recalled to military service as a chaplain. With the war behind him, Roncalli was summoned to wider service in the church.

He chose as his episcopal motto Obedientia et Pax "Obedience and Peace"which became his guiding motto. No new dogmas were to be pronounced, though old doctrines and disciplines were to be reexamined. He could not keep that promise, as Ancilla died on 11 November at the time when he was consecrating a new church in Venice.

For the next nine years he served as a professor of theology and spiritual director of the young men preparing for ordination. None of these posts loomed large in the Western-oriented Vatican, and the archbishop had good reason to believe that his career had reached a dead end.

Roncalli knew that he would be appointed to lead the patriarchy of Venice due to the death of Agostini, who was to have been raised to the rank of cardinal. Again he served in Bergamo, first as a hospital orderly and later as a military chaplain with the rank of lieutenant.

Is called to Rome for a conclave; is elected Oct. Luigi — [15] [16] His family worked as sharecroppersas did most of the people of Sotto il Monte — a striking contrast to that of his predecessor, Eugenio Pacelli Pope Pius XIIwho came from an ancient aristocratic family long connected to the papacy.

Straightforward and frankly optimistic, it avoided the language of diplomacy and set forth the requirements for world peace in profoundly human terms.

It was around this time that he, with the aid of Monsignor Bruno Heimformed his coat of arms with a lion of Saint Mark on a white ground.

It was at this time also that he began the research for a multi-volume work on the episcopal visitation of Bergamo by St.

Pope John XXIII

Among his efforts were: For we know not what we did. He did well enough, however, to be sent to Rome for theological studies in Nominated titular archbishop of Areopolis and apostolic visitator to Bulgariahe immediately concerned himself with the problems of the Eastern Churches.

Opens a hostel for students in Bergamo. He wrote several socially important encyclicals, most notably Pacem in Terris.

Roncalli was told that he would be expected to cool the atmosphere, reestablish the independence of the church, and gain the release of a number of German seminarians who were being held as prisoners of war.

Roncalli was not an especially brilliant student. On leaving the service in he was appointed spiritual director of the seminary, but found time to open a hostel for students in Bergamo. He took the name of John in honor of the precursor and the beloved disciple—but also because it was the name of a long line of popes whose pontificates had been short.

Inevitably, that set him apart from the other Roncallis almost from the beginning. Thus, perhaps no one was more surprised than he when, after the death of Pius XII on October 9,he was elected pope on the 12th ballot—clearly a compromise candidate acceptable to all parties only because of his advanced years.

October Commander of the Legion of Honour received in Roncalli received a message from Mgr.Saint John XXIII, original name Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, (born November 25,Sotto il Monte, Italy—died June 3,Rome; beatified September 3, ; canonized April 27, ; feast day October 11), one of the most popular popes of all time (reigned –63), who inaugurated a new era in the history of the Roman Catholic Church by his openness to change (aggiornamento), shown.

Pope John XXIII Biography Pope John XXIII, regarded as one of the most popular popes, was the head of the Catholic Church from to This biography of Pope John XXIII provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & Of Birth: Sotto il Monte.

While much of the focus of Sunday's dual canonization will be on Pope John Paul II's globe-trotting, year papacy and his near-record sprint to sainthood, many older Catholics will be celebrating the short.

In his creed, the lovely things of life were created by God for man's inspiration and enjoyment, and it would be sinful not to appreciate them." (Pg.

) Upon becoming Pope, "In June,Pope John raised the pay of the employees of the Holy See by from 25 per cent to 40 per cent.5/5(3).

Blessed John XXIII: From Humble Beginnings to a Lasting Legacy

Blessed John XXIII was the th successor of St. Peter, serving as pope from October to June He is best known for convening the Second Vatican Council. Here are some highlights of Blessed John XXIII's life.

Saint John XXIII

pope john xxiii When on October 20, the cardinals, assembled in conclave, elected Angelo Roncalli as pope many regarded him, because of his age and ambiguous reputation, as a transitional pope, little realizing that the pontificate of this man of 76 years would mark a turning point in history and initiate a new age for the Church.

The life of pope john xxiii
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