The idiot box

Squidward says that he has plenty of imagination, to which Patrick replies, "Good, now all you need is a box". This is a pun based on the fact that the word box can refer to the sport, and to the object. Once he takes the TV back inside his house, he realizes that the remote control is missing and he goes back outside for it.

Squidward returns to his house and soon hears the sounds of an epic robot-pirate battle. It is possible for Patrick to be in the hat box because he can get rid of all his limbs and still survive.

Concerned, he taps the box, prompting another avalanche. Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter is heard and Squidward ducks. It is then dumped into the landfill, and Squidward flies out of the box, landing face-first in a pie. Squidward hears a critically injured SpongeBob and Patrick saying that their limbs are frozen and that they have to cut them off, and rushes over to the box, opens it, and the noises immediately stop.

Not as long as we have our A scan of the box proves that there is no such device in it. He decides to join them in the box to see how they are managing to make the sound effects.

As he tries to think of how they could possibly manage to make such realistic sound effects, it dawns upon him that they are probably using a tape recorder. One of the box programs on the TV is a boxing match between boxes.

He hears SpongeBob and Patrick begin to - supposedly - climb a mountain inside the box and, annoyed by their stupidity, he gives the box a hard kick. Squidward tore the note up that SpongeBob has written, but in the next shot all the pieces of the note disappears.

Squidward, not wanting any part of this, asks for the television, and they let him have it. When SpongeBob is reading in bed, his pillow is nowhere to be seen. However, he sees nothing but SpongeBob and Patrick closing their eyes and saying stereotypical phrases of robots and pirates.

Squidward asks why they threw the television away, and SpongeBob responds with the above quote. Late at night, after SpongeBob and Patrick abandon the box and go to bed, Squidward sneaks outside and enters the box, looking for something that would make the noise.

However, Patrick and SpongeBob throw the television away and keep the box. Furious, he kicks the box he was holding, which Patrick retrieves, saying, "Whoopee!Idiot Box. 6, likes · talking about this · 4, were here.

A TV fantasy lounge; so MY PRECIOUS, huddle your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. grab your BROOMSTICKS, /5().

Idiot Box/transcript

Idiot box is a term for a television. It may also refer to: The Idiot Box, a sketch comedy show on MTV starring Alex Winter; Idiot Box, by Matt Bors; Idiot Box, an Australian movie starring Ben Mendelsohn and Jeremy Sims "Idiot Box" (song).

A dude in a hot Texas garage making interesting guitar and bass effects pedals since Distortion, Fuzz, Noise, Delay, Chorus, Stutter and more. Seen and Heard. What made you want to look up idiot box?Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

Feb 20,  · They call TV the idiot box because some believe watching enough of it leads to feeble-mindedness. Watching an hour and a half of this movie will do the same thing to you, so I would strongly recommend TV instead/10().

idiot box - an electronic device that receives television signals and displays them on a screen; "the British call a tv set a telly" television receiver, television set, telly, boob tube, goggle box, tv set, tv, television.

The idiot box
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