The beatles and led zeppelin compared essay

Top 10 Reasons Why Led Zeppelin Is Better Than the Beatles

They got Robert Plant to join the band who recommended the drummer of his old band, John Bonham. Songwriting so good, even The Quiet Beatle traveled across the pond to work some Wilbury magic with the head Heartbreaker himself. Damn the Torpedoes AP 7. After they joined, the bassist dropped out and John Paul Jones joined in as the bassist.

Anyway you people sitting up the sides are doing a great job. Not only that, but their post-punk opus "Let It Be" makes Mother Mary sound like a lost little princess. John Bonham was always a powerhouse who could drive a drum kit harder and faster than Ringo Starr ever would. Still, he takes a hard shot from his own team here, as legend has it that John Lennon said in an interview: Led zeppelin formed from the group The Yardbirds in Just for this evening anyway.

The band embarked on another U.

Led Zeppelin

Beatles — 10; Zeppelin — 9. Zeppelin took the stage after 8 p. Plus Obla-di-oblada is a great song. Kid A 6. The Beatles were fun to watch due to their charming personalities, but during concert they usually just stood still.

Exile on Main Street Reuters 3. And I Was There! The Beatles — 8; Zeppelin — Have you ever heard of Hot Dog? So for goodness sakes Onstage, Led Zeppelin concerts could last over three hours by adding improvisations to their classic songs.

Pleased to Meet Me So what do you think of my list? Zeppelin was known for their bloated, self-indulgent, incomprehensible live performances that sounded very little like their recorded output.

I attended the show as a year-old high school student, arriving at the Stadium with friends well before the Saturday night concert began. Well, the total appears to be in favor of the Beatles. Radiohead Ok, computer generation, this is how you leave those alt-rock origins high and dry: U2 Reuters An Irish quartet who immediately set their sights on TWD Total World Domination and succeeded unrepentantly by way of earnest lyrics that give equal credence to political and emotional touchstones, buttressed by an innovative rhythmic, delay-driven sound that took guitar playing to a new edge.

I even made an audiotape of the show, which I gave to a friend who gave it back to me decades later. Now that both bands have been theoretically broken up for 30 or 40 years, time allows a bit of distance and perspective to see how their respective absences affected the world.

InLed Zeppelin launched their record label called Swan Song. Led Zeppelin albums were all in stereo and consistent worldwide. Better believe it, Boyo.

The Band 9. The band was unable to tour so they returned to the studio and recorded their sixth studio album, Presence. Hammertime of the gods.

The record included hard rock such as "Black Dog", folksy mysticism on "The Battle of Evermore", and a combination of both genres in the lengthy song "Stairway to Heaven", their massive radio hit.

Led Zeppelin vs. The Beatles

Any of the flashy drummers, whether John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, etc, would have tried to make it about them, and not the phenomenal music.Two of my favorites, but no. Led Zeppelin was Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were the Beatles.

Compared to the millions who saw Led Zeppelin perform live.

11 bands better than The Beatles?

This essay takes a look at how things were, costs $ compared to $ (CFL) and $ (LED). The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. Dec 24,  · I don't really understand the goal of putting The Beatles and Led Zep in The Beatles have about 10x as many songs I enjoy compared to.

Aug 03,  · I voted Beatles, but Led Zeppelin The Beatles have about 10x as many songs I enjoy compared to Led Zeppelin. .The Beatles reinvented rock n'roll,but Led. Led Zeppelin vs.

The Night Led Zeppelin Dethroned the Beatles! (And I Was There!)

The Beatles led zeppelin was the best band ever because of their hard to play solo's and hard rock catchy tunes compared to The Beatles too. Jan 03,  · Something Else! Throwdown: Led Zeppelin you can now tell them that you read online that even though Led Zeppelin ran a close second, the Beatles were.

The beatles and led zeppelin compared essay
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