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It is a totally different aspect of the entire discussion. Also, only 29 percent agreed and 52 disagreed that the use of birth control pills constitutes abortion. The risk of dying from IUDs is 1 in 10 million; vasectomy, 1 in 1 million; birth-control pills, 1 in ,; condoms, absolutely zero.

There is absolutely no provision in the RH Bill about the legalization of abortion. The bottomline is that these information should be made available for everyone and explained to them, most especially those who have no capacity to learn and understand.

It is for them to take it or leave it. While LGUs can promote artificial family planning because of local autonomy, the national government advocates natural family planning. Overpopulation is not the problem. Who, then, will teach and guide these people about their choices, especially in the number of children that they can have or are able to support?

Parents should also help the schools in making their children understand the pitfalls of early marriage or teen pregnancy. Furthermore, only 29 percent agreed and 51 percent disagreed that the use of IUDs constitutes abortion. Say no to RH Bill! Figure 1 Population growth from However, during the same period, the rate of population growth in the Philippines and these countries decreased See Figure 2.

Mahar Mangahas, which revealed that in the June survey, only 30 percent agreed and 51 percent disagreed that the use of condoms constitutes abortion.

Rh Bill Position Paper Essay Sample

If artificial contraceptives are medically proven to induce abortion as one of their mechanisms of action, then procurement and distribution of such family planning supplies are unconstitutional and illegal.

The RH Bill endorses abortifacients — All contraceptive pills and intrauterine conceptive devices IUDs are not abortifacients and will not induce abortions.

Thus, the latest proposed legislation in both the Senate and the House of Representatives has left the Filipino people extremely polarized. A Boon or Bane to Society? I concede to the fact that the bill says many good and generative things.

The advantage of Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is that hopes to provide midwives for skilled attendance to childbirth and emergency obstetric care, even in geographically isolated and depressed areas. One or their claims is that it will solve the problem of overpopulation.

The Roman Catholic Church expresses its opposition against the bill on many counts, most especially the procurement and distribution of family planning supplies for the whole country, when the available evidence from peer reviewed medical journals supports the hypothesis that when ovulation and fertilization occur in women taking oral contraceptives OCs or using intrauterine devices IUDpost-fertilization effects are operative on occasion to prevent clinically recognized pregnancy.

Figure 2 Rate of population growth from Figure 3 Rate of population growth from We do not know what would have happened had there been no population programs and policies in the Philippines.Free Essay: A paper on the Reproductive Health Bill in Philippines 1.

Introduction As ofPhilippines has a population of , people, making it. The main purpose of Reproductive Health Bill or RH Bill is to provide family planning especially to the poor families and safe contraceptives to the people.

It also helps prevent overpopulation which causes famine and poverty in our country Philippines.

RH bill Essay

Rh Bill Position Paper Essay Sample. Proposition Statement: I am not in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill because it strikes down our morality and our conservative culture, allows the use of abortifacients which may increase the incidents of abortion, and it includes the use of government funds for contraceptives which I think is not justifiable.

Rh: Bill (an Essay) Topics: Philippines, Reproductive Health bill he Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is a Philippinebillaiming to guaranteeuniversal access to methods and information onbirth controland maternal care.

I am in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill/RH Bill, not because I don’t believe in God or I disobey His rules but let’s open our eyes on our countries status.

Rh Bill Essay. Representatives as a result of re-introducing the bill under a different impression after overwhelming opposition in the country, especially from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines.[2][3] The law is highly divisive and controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures supporting .

Rh bill 2 essay
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