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THIS is when he knew he had perfected his RAW rolling and smoking papers, so when you roll yourself a fatty with a RAW king size rolling paper, or a raw unbleached vegan rolling paper, make sure you watch carefully, as the watermark, and the flame run evenly right until the end of the joint, absolute perfection!

Read More In Detail: Of course these are not the only RAW products available, and you might have a different and more specific paper from the RAW range that you love, so go ahead and browse all the RAW Rolling Papers we have in stock! Raw Rolling Papers, for the connoisseur in you. Raw Rolling Papers use a natural hemp glue which when burns does not release toxic emissions resulting in a smoother safer smoke.

The paper itself is a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend of unbleached fibres, which results in a thin brown almost translucent smoking paper.

Raw Rolling Papers

Each pack has 32, translucent and ultra-thin high quality RAW rolling papers in them. Perfecting RAW The years that followed after that initial meeting, Josh moved his production to a small, old, rolling paper factory in Alcoy Spain, where he worked for years, on a mind-set mission to create the perfect raw, natural, unbleached rolling paper, Josh and his crew played around and experimented with all kinds of rolling paper techniques Raw papers for sale tricks, so that they could get the papers exactly way that he wanted them to be.

Josh decided he needed to implement some of the hemp into the gum itself to help it burn smoother. Josh was at a Rolling paper and Smoking Convention that year and met a little old Spanish man who was actually from Alcoy, Spain, which is the birth city of high quality rolling papers, made by hand in small little factories in this village, deep in the countryside of Spain.

After months and years of smoking and rolling and playing around with his top quality rolling papers, he found that if he watermarked his paper in a very specific and certain way, it would almost trick the flame to go left and go right and go left again, so that either way, it would always come back around and re-join itself.

Josh Kesselman, has explained his history in the industry many times, and we love listening to it, as it really is quite the inspirational story, especially for such a young entrepreneur! After witnessing his dad smoke with a very specific high quality rolling paper considered high quality back in the day which was imported from a little town in Spain called Alcoy, Josh became intrigued and utterly obsessed with producing the best high quality rolling paper the market has ever seen.

Firstly, everyone hates a side-burn on their joint, so his first mission was to create a rolling paper that would never side-wind the way bleached and yucky papers normally do, he wanted RAW rolling papers to burn smoothly, evenly, and perfectly.

All Raw papers have been individual watermarked with a Criss Cross, which creates a more even burning rolling paper. Managing to get his hands on some of the purest form of Hemp protein, as Hemp protein is water-soluble, but hemp-fibre is notthis was then added it to their acacia and sugar gum-line and by using just the teeniest tiniest amount in their gum, it transformed the gum-line completely, allowing it to transition itself to burn in exactly the same line as the paper itself!

This was a big turning point for all RAW rolling paper products, as he then implemented this watermark on all of his RAW papers, from the raw unbleached vegan rolling paper, to the raw king size slim rolling papers, and even his raw natural unbleached cone papers have this special RAW watermark on them.

Well of course you can! Also available in boxes of 50 packs per box, half boxes of 25 packs per box or you can just buy them on their own, in leaf packs.

Unbleached, Raw use no chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Raw Hemp Rolling Papers

Now, if you had to ask me personally, what my absolute favourite two products from the RAW rolling paper range are, and which RAW rolling papers to buy, I would highly recommend getting your hands on these two RAWdiculously RAWdical Rolling papers which really are, top of the range, high quality rolling papers.Raw Rolling Papers are a Spanish Company formed to re-create the way smoking papers are defined and to give the user an all natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper.

Rolling Paper Depot is the top source for discount rolling papers and Roll-Your-Own supplies. We do not sell RAW products directly on this site. Please use one of the links above to find a online retailer in your area. RAW makes the best rolling papers in the world.

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RAW Rolling Papers

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Raw papers for sale
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