Practice test for writing accuplacer test

The good news is that your essay is only required to be words in length. Explain how it fully supports your thesis. There are 20 questions and all of the conversations are in English. Since you will be writing an essay for this portion of the test, it would seem impossible to write practice questions, BUT, we can give you some practice in proofreading, one of the essential skills required to submit your best writing effort.

Explain their position in general terms. Keep the introduction and conclusion brief.

WritePlacer Essay Guide

Keep the introduction and the conclusion short and sweet. Passages may be on topics from any of these areas: No prior knowledge of the subject is required to answer the questions. You should plan, write, review, and edit an essay with — words and containing at least several paragraphs.

The questions require you to do only math procedures that might be required in daily life or while performing the duties required of an employee in any career.

Scores on WritePlacer range from 1 to 8 you can find WritePlacer sample essays at each score-level here. Paragraph 1 — Introduction sentences You will want to begin your essay with one of the following: The reader will NOT give you a lower score based on personal bias.

The first type involves choosing the correct order and form of the words in a sentence. Finally, you will be asked to compare and contrast two texts written about the same subject. They can often be bloated with unnecessary wordiness.

This test assesses your ability to proofread and edit the writing of another person, revising it in the areas of clarity, effectiveness, usage, and grammar. All the information you need is in the passage, so you need not have any prior knowledge about the subject.

The second type asks you to choose the correct form of a complete sentence, including revising the order of the words. Then reinforce the correctness of your own thesis. Then, you will be asked to answer questions about what you heard.

The essay will be graded in these five areas: More than sentences is too long. It is also one of the hardest writing skills to master and any type of practice will help. Also included are questions concerning absolute values, ordering, positive rational roots and exponents, simplifying algebraic fractions, and factoring.

It assesses the most commonly used math operations and number formats.Explore our free ACCUPLACER practice test questions and ACCUPLACER test study guide. Get ready for your test using our exam review tips.

How to pass the Accuplacer – Quickest ACCUPLACER Test Prep Tips! Sentence Skills; and WritePlacer, which involves writing an essay. Except for WritePlacer, all of the tests are multiple-choice.

The test is adaptive, which means that the difficulty of the test will tend to increase, depending on the student's success in earlier portions of Accuplacer.

Taking numerious ACCUPLACER practice tests is recommended for test day success.


ACCUPLACER is a computerized placement test used by many colleges and tech schools to assess an incoming student's proficiency in reading, writing.

The ACCUPLACER Writing practice test is specifically designed to make sure that the test-taker is knowledgeable about the ACCUPLACER and is able to know what to expect when it is time to take the Writing portion of the ACCUPLACER.

The ACCUPLACER® Next Generation Writing test is a new form of the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills test, but assesses editing skills in entire paragraphs and passages, as well as those pertaining to single sentences.

WritePlacer Essay Guide The ACCUPLACER includes the WritePlacer exam, which is the ACCUPLACER essay test. On this portion of the test you are evaluated on organization, focus, development and support, sentence structure, and mechanical conventions.

Practice test for writing accuplacer test
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