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Conclusion Even if electronic patient portals are often seen as a way to empower patients and improve patient care, the available evidence does not support this assumption. Overall, access to information is probably only one facet of patient satisfaction; it is therefore questionable whether the impact of a patient portal on patient satisfaction is measurable.

In addition, it makes it difficult to identify to which functionality clinical data access or additional functions the measured effect can be attributed. All electronic patient portals included in this review, offered functionality in addition to sole access clinical data.

Can we expect that giving patients access to clinical information can in general have an impact? The generalizability to health care settings in other countries is unclear.

A review conducted by Samoocha [ 29 ] about the effectiveness of web-based interventions on patient empowerment arrives at the same conclusion. This could explain that the studies in our review with 3 of 4 studies focusing on Portal research papers types of patients did not show statistically significant impact.

Overall, no study was able to show impact on patient empowerment. Despite a comprehensive query, we cannot be sure to have identified all related studies, as the terms used in the title, abstract, and keywords are not uniformly used.

He did not find a statistically significant impact on any of those scales. As explanation, Zhou mentions that a quarter of portal users indicated they would have scheduled an appointment in lieu of electronic messaging; so there seems to be a possibility of saving resources by a portal with electronic messaging.

Two studies found changes in medication regimen: There were, however, conflicting findings on improvements in treatment adherence, patient education, and patient empowerment; some controlled studies showed an improvement, while others did not.

The review of Ross et al [ 8 ] - who is, also the author of one of the studies we reviewed [ 27 ] - was dedicated to this question.

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Ross et al [ 27 ] assessed a statistically significant increase of visits in the emergency room in the intervention group, but without temporal relationship between portal use and visits; also, no differences in hospitalization or visits to heart failure practice visits were observed.

Completeness of the Review We conducted a systematic literature search, but may have overlooked studies that were unpublished or in the grey literature. A consistent finding of these changes, or any related change in quality of communication, is not possible based on this data.

Impact on Patient Satisfaction Tuil et al [ 23 ] used the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire [ 32 ] and found no differences between both groups. In particular, no statistically significant changes could be observed for parameters related to clinical outcome.

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Finally, only a minority of patients may be interested in using patient portals. All this leads to the question whether patient portals may increase the digital divide, an issue also discussed by others [ 38 ].

Adherence to medication also increased, but did not reach statistical significance. Impact on Patient-Physician Communication Some of the reviewed studies addressed aspects of patient-physician communication.

This may have reduced the measurable impact of the portals.Commented [CC3]: Oftentimes, graduate‐level papers and other paper on research studies include an abstract.

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Nov 26,  · We limited the search to papers afteras we did not expect to identify patient portal papers before that date. but that more research is necessary. Compared to paper-based access to records, electronic (web-based).

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The Impact of Electronic Patient Portals on Patient Care: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials

A portal and hence the paper attempts to use this as a case .

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