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Motion Path Animations Make an object move along a defined or custom path to enhance the engagement of your audience or explain in animated form very complex topics. Online learning offers much more flexibility and convenience because it is primarily asynchronous-anytime, anyplace.

Online Course Portal

Pictures Working with Online course portal ppt Since a picture is really worth words, add pictures, change their appearance and do so much more with these fundamental slide objects. Working with Slide Sections Group your slides into common concepts or thoughts to help build your storyline, as well is quickly move all of the slides within that group to a new area of your presentation.

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Align and Distribute Shapes Align and distribute shapes and other content so that they are correctly positioned to quickly balance the content on your slides and prevent the same objects on different slides jumping to different locations during a slideshow.

This project aims at creating a Course portal for a campus. Customizing the PowerPoint Interface Find and add menu items and buttons that you frequently use to your ribbon or quick access toolbar to give you faster access to the PowerPoint features you probably use the most.

Duplicate and Add Multiple Shapes Reuse existing, formatted shapes to save time inserting shape content on your slides. Formatting Text Format text in your presentation so that it is legible and perhaps even pleasant to look at! This project also contains leave management mechanism using online approval of leave for faculty.

Basic Animation Online course portal ppt Just like an actor, make objects enter the stage, exit, move around the stage and maybe even gain the attention of your audience in the correct way.

Events and Speed Make your animated objects speed up or slow down, or play with or without your intervention, depending on which you desire. Slide Tasks Duplicating and Reordering Slides Reuse existing slides in your current presentation to save development time, as well is changing the order in which your slides play within a slideshow.

There is no ppt for this project! Group and Ungroup Shapes Group various shapes together into a single slide object to help you position the group of shapes in a specific location, while still gaining access to the size and formatting options available within PowerPoint for those individual shapes.

The given project is divided into four scenarios or modules where each module is implemented separately. Animations and Transitions Have the confidence to know exactly what to animate without driving your audience crazy.

Transitions Add smooth or exciting transitions between slides to increase the smoothness and continuity of your slideshow into an almost movie-like format. Adding Text and Shapes The Content Placeholder and Bullet Levels Use placeholders to quickly add content to your slides including text, diagrams, and charts — so that you can later change the location and proportions of these objects, often with a single mouse click.

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Using Presenter View Use a special PowerPoint view so that even though your audience can only see the slide show, you can view slide timings, slide notes and even a preview of the next, upcoming slide. In online courses instructors and students communicate via Internet.

The basic functionality to be provided by proposed system is that it should be able to overcome the deficits of the existing system.

Info-graphics and Media Introducing SmartArt Insert, add text to, and format SmartArt graphics to quickly add diagrams to your presentation which will assist you to tell your story.

Due to the implementation for the course portal online, admissions into the selected courses are made with an ease by optimizing the time. In the proposed system the faculty can apply for the leave online without attending the campus.

Through online courses students can develop not only their technical skills but also communication skills. Launching PowerPoint and Choosing a Theme Use a professionally designed template to save time creating a presentation. Exploring Slide Show Options Before you present your slideshow, set your show up to present in a variety of ways with the confidence that little will go wrong.

Adding Video Insert video into your presentation and use various formatting options such as soft edges, or 3-D bevels to make your video really stand out. Photo Album Quickly add multiple pictures to a presentation even in the format of two or four pictures per slide.

In the existing system all the work is done manually where hard copy of student, faculty information is maintained which is tedious process.

Changing Themes and Colors Quickly change the colors, fonts, effects or design of your entire presentation in almost a single mouse click. People can register themselves as students of a course or faculty for a course.

Advanced Chart Options Understand and work with the tricky parts of charts such as axes and legends. Remove Picture Backgrounds Make the selected part of a picture transparent to either cleverly crop parts of the picture, or make parts of the picture transparent to overlay in front of other pictures without obscuring them.

When a person registers himself as a Faculty, an approval mechanism should be send through an email to the Administrator for approving the person. Adding and Editing Charts Select the right chart for your data, add it to a slide, know the basics of editing charts and quickly format charts.

The functions that have to be performed by the proposed system are listed below:Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 80, courses and 24 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science and more.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. Online Course Portal Note: There is no ppt for this project! ABSTRACT: This project aims at creating a Course portal for a campus.

This allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or faculty for a course. Free MIT courses, including videos, audio, simulations, lecture notes, and exams.

Use's online high school courses to learn about Biology, English, Math, and more. These video courses created by academic experts will teach you key concepts in a fun and engaging way.

One thing that some people find difficult when creating visual PowerPoint slides is knowing how to replace their bullet points with visuals. Once you actually try it though, visualisation isn’t that hard.

Online course portal ppt
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