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Mean girls movie review lot or a little? All in all, this flick is great fun and more well-done than might be initially expected! The sex-ed teacher is revealed to be committing statutory rape with two students, and is shown making out with a teen girl.

The sex education teacher, a coach, commits statutory rape with two of his students. Sign in to vote. Teen girls call other girls names like "slut-faced ho bag," "fugly slut," and "nastiest skank bitch.

But it is Mean girls movie review actresses who play the plastics who truly stand out. Violence Character shown getting hit by a bus; wears a halo brace for the rest of the movie.

After her role in the "burn book," the lead character helps to make her school less cliquish, and has clearly learned from the mistakes she has made. The flick opens up with Cady Heron Lindsay Lohan embarking on her first day of the jungle that is high school ever as she has been home-schooled in Africa her whole life.

Surprisingly, however, she is also quickly welcomed into the Plastics, a group of uber-popular girls who seem to be simultaneously admired and resented by all. Gay teen character presented as three-dimensional, not a stereotype or punchline.

It does not stray away from or gloss over the dark humor that high school inevitably draws out nor is it apologetic in its over-the-topness. And rising Hollywood star Rachel Macadams, as Regina George, is the stand-out in the film as the manipulative bitch who has to stay on top at all costs.

Was this review helpful? Language Frequent profanity and name-calling. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Cady allows her home to be taken over by partying teens, gets drunk, and throws up.

Lindsay Lohan is perfect as Cady, the clueless girl who gets a taste of popularity and has to have more.

Mean Girls 2

Put-downs on the order of "slut-faced ho bag, nastiest skank bitch," "fugly slut" often used. And it is this inherent understanding of teen life, that writer Tina Fey has applied to the film which makes it stand out, and such a pleasure to watch.

Amanda Seyfried, as the ultimate dumb blonde Karen, has impeccable comic timing. Stay up to date on new reviews. Lizzy Caplan is a revelation as Janis, a punk character who would be sidelined either as a freak, or as a candidate for a makeover, in any other teen movie.

Lacey Chabert is ideal as Gretchen, the insecure, 2nd-in command girl, who fakes her friendship with Regina just to be considered popular. I liked them better than the whole movie!!

And what holds the film together are the great performances from the actors. A strength of the movie is its positive portrayal of diverse characters, including disabled, gay, and minority students. A teen boy student asks a teen girl, "Is your muffin buttered?

After some initial bumps in the road, she manages to befriend two "artsy" misfits, Janis Lizzy Caplan and Damian Daniel Franzese. The teenagers actually look like teenagers, not like 30 year olds playing teenagers. Lindsay Lohan shows us once again that not only is an actress with range and a deft comedienne, she is also extremely likable and charismatic.

Sex Crude humor and references. Humor in the misspelling of venereal diseases by the sex education teacher, who is later revealed to be having sex with two of his students and is shown making out with one of the students.Plugged In reviews movies, videos, music, TV and games from a Christian perspective.

We're shining a light on the world of popular entertainment. Apr 30,  · Watch video · "Mean Girls" feels perfectly suited to Lindsay Lohan's talents.

As the new girl in school (Cady Heron) who is trying to fit in, she is extremely likable. She becomes fast friends with Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan, who nails her performance.

Mean Girls

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Review 7/10(K). Movie reviews for Mean Girls. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Lohan is a warm and engaging presence, but she's completely outshone by the bad girls, and when they're offscreen, Mean Girls is an oddly restrained, barely plotted movie.

Read full review "Mean Girls" is a silly and funny teen movie, supported mainly by the gorgeous and charismatic Lindsay Lohan. The story explores the behavior of the teenagers, trying to find their true personality while molding their characters. Mildly amusing sequel follows same "be yourself" storyline.

Read Common Sense Media's Mean Girls 2 review, age rating, and parents guide.

Mean girls movie review
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