Mata pita aur guru

Light a ghee lamp on Thursdays.

Aur Baja Re Kanha Aur Baja Thari Basuri Re Sun Sun Nachu Aur Baja

All those who come to me seeking to fulfill their worldly goals… must understand that I am that Spiritual Super Power who can turn anything anybody into Gold Spiritually uplifted … The Shishyas of Guruji who have been created by Him from among the people are an example of His Midas touch.

Any thing that money can buy. Make small doughs of it with wet flour and throw such pills to the fishes on any Sunday, The wish will be fulfilled. If you are unemployed for a long time and wish to seek good employment take a yellow lemon and cut it into 4 equal parts.

हिंदू धर्म में अश्लीलता?

Start doing Hanumanji Tail pooja for better results To accomplish your Mata pita aur guru desire, write your wish on a small paper. We are the owners of our spiritual wealth.

Buy your Lucky Lakshmiji Owl figurine here Goddess Lakshmi should be propiated on a Friday by lighting 9 ghee lamps at the home altar.

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Collect the ashes from the homa kund, wrap it in white cloth and preserve at home and office. So, when I test you, I have a choice of making you pure as gold and take you further on your onward journey, but when you try to test me, I again have the choice of responding or not.

Those in service should keep this thread in the drawer of their table for better service conditions and to get quick promotion. What remains then is the level of Bhakti, Sewa and Jaap attained during that life-span. Sweep them yourself with a broom and bury them in a hole. For growth of business, clean a portion of business premises with Ganges water; draw a Swastik with Saffron or Turmeric paste.

Place Channa dal and jaggery.

Few lines often spoken by Guruji…

Sometimes they would just sit together and share some light moments with Him. The same loved ones no longer remain capable of holding the body any longer. The burden becomes known as the soul leaves the body. This will give you a longer use and stay as it is for a long time.

A third of it may be given to a horse or buffalo, 2nd portion to a leper and take the last portion in your hand, wave it around your head in the anti-clockwise direction.

To tide over business problem, after your early morning bath, offer water to the rising Sun and chant Gayatri mantra alongside.

Many times, they were Blessed with gracious times with Guruji, when He would talk about many things to guide His Shishyas. We will be missed by our loved ones, no doubt.

Do not feel rejuvenated or enthusiastic about work place. Competition is eating into your business. Why we are here and what we have to do.

Feel discouraged and tired all the time Loans have risen and unable to pay on time. Some may remeber us for a few days, some for a few months. This measure ensures flourishing business. That travels with us.

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Repeat this and you will see success. Do this on the first Wednesday of the Waxing growing Moon. A lot of questions remain un-answered which the seeker has to seek Baad marne ke hua, bojh sabhi ko maloom, jald le jao, is dher mein rakha kya hai.

See success for yourself. It is not wrong to care for our loved ones, but to totally ignore the other aspect is also not correct. If you need a favorable posting or promotion, then after your bath, offer water and flower to the rising Sun in the morning for 27 days, in a row without a break.

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Baja Chhe Nobat Baja Mhara Shyamdhani Maharaja; Baba naachan de tere bhagtaa ne by Nandu Bhaiya; Gyaras Chanan Ki Aayi Bhakta Mil Jyot Jalai Mann Me Hariyali Chhayi Bhakta Mil Jyot Jalai Jhanjh Majeera Baje Aangna.

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Mata pita aur guru
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