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Late in the 20th century the average maximum wind velocity in the city of Great Falls during June and July was between Irrigated fields in the distance stripe the Lewis clark portage. Paul, and Pacific Railroad intersect or run along it, it is located on private property.

Nevertheless, the Great Falls area did provide plentiful game, allowing the explorers to stock up on food and leather clothing and to merrily celebrate Independence Day: This picture of Rainbow Falls, taken incontrasts sharply with the one above.

Clark calculated their heights at 87, 19, 47, 6, and 26 feet, respectively. During the month spent in the Great Falls area, several specific adventures also befell the explorers.

The other contained the hardware of the failed "iron boat. On 26 June "the Sales were hois[t]ed in the Canoes as the men were drawing them and the wind was great relief to them being Sufficiently Strong to move the Canoes on the Trucks, this is Saleing on Dry land in every Sence of Lewis clark portage word.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. To replace the "Experiment," more valuable time then had to be spent constructing two canoes at a place some distance above the upper portage camp where the timber was suitable. The Honor Guard began the day with a black powder salute among the shade trees and open space of Gibson Park.

The final 3 miles to the site of the upper portage camp is mainly farmland, though here again the city is encroaching. Then, after other preparations were made, on July 14 the whole complement pushed upriver.

Portage Route Chapter

Lewis commented that "from the reflection of the sun on the sprey or mist which arrises from these falls is a beautifull rainbow produced which adds not little to the beauty of this majestically grand senery" Bureau of Outdoor Recreation Blair, The cup-anemometer was invented in On the fifteenth, after carving two more Cottonwood dugout canoes to take its place, the expedition was under way once more.

Sergeant Ordway and nine men from the Clark group, and Sergeant Gass and five men from the Lewis party. About a mile to the south of its site, Belt Creek called Portage Creek by Lewis and Clark empties into the Missouri from the south side.

Flattery Run was perhaps three-quarters of a mile farther to the left. Only horse trails and footpaths give access to the river downstream from Rainbow Falls to Belt Creek on the south side of the river.

29th Annual Lewis & Clark Festival

And, at the falls, the plentiful buffalo provided a good food supply. Still worse, when the sun came out, the gumbo dried hard and sharp.

The Portage

Please help us thank our sponsors, who are listed at the bottom of this page. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, From the time Lewis and the four men in his overland party arrived at the falls on June 13,until the expedition moved upriver on July 13, days of backbreaking labor were expended making two crude wagons and portaging the boats, equipment, and supplies.

The two captains named only the first two falls downstream: In fact, at first glance the spring seems to be a part of the river.

Gumbo can bring a modern heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive farm implement to a halt within a short distance. The spring is about 30 feet in diameter, and the rivulet it creates drops in a fine little waterfall over a high rock shelf into the Missouri.Except possibly for the Bitterroot Range and the falls-cascades area of the Middle Columbia, no other physical obstacle challenged the ingenuity and endurance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition as much as the portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri.

The Great Falls Portage presented Lewis and Clark with one of the most challenging ordeals of the expedition. On June 13,Lewis and a small advance party witnessed "the grandest sight" (DeVoto) when they became the first white men to see the Great Falls of the Missouri River.

Lewis and Clark and the Great Falls Portage Lewis was thrilled to see the enormous waterfall, the Great Falls of the Missouri.

Lower Portage Camp

It was feet wide and 80 feet high with a "beautiful rainbow" just above the spray. The Lewis & Clark Foundation. Subscribe to Our Updates Stay up-to-date on history, environment, activities and news pertaining to the Lewis & Clark Foundation and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. > Sign Up Now.

Information about the Portage Route Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF). The Lewis and Clark Festival re-creates the adventures and hardships of life in the frontier encountered by the Corps of Discovery.

Thanks to sponsors such as US Bank and the Portage Route Chapter, Saturday’s Festival events were free to the public, with .

Lewis clark portage
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