Factors affecting maternal mortality

An investigation of maternal deaths following public protests in a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Social determinants approach to maternal deaths

Despite an overall decline in U. These centres provide supplementary nutrition, non-formal pre-school education, nutrition and health education, immunization, health check-up and referral services of which the latter three services are provided in convergence with public health systems.

Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. In this scenario, no antenatal care was provided to Shanta this time, nor did she seek care. Unless a through study is carried out into the causes of maternal deaths in Uganda, in order to come up with the relevant policy interventions to reduce maternal deaths, the country will continue to lose its mothers in pregnancy related deaths and the attainment of its target pertaining the fifth MDG of reducing the MMR by three quarters to deaths per births will remain a myth and dream beyond actualization.

These deaths are largely preventable. Individual attributes Age and parity Majority 78 out of of the women who died were very young, less than 25 years old.

High MMR are typical of many countries in sub Saharan Africa and this has further been worsened by the fact that very few pregnant women receive antenatal care and this exposes expectant mothers to the risk of death from pregnancy related causes Ssengooba, In another maternal death case, social stigma and lack of care was highlighted in relation to the pregnancy of an unmarried woman, dying after an unsafe abortion.

In addition to the individual attributes of women that may contribute to maternal deaths, we highlighted the community factors — mainly their historical disadvantages like belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes social groups — as well as health system factors and structural determinants, that contributed to their deaths.

However, many other deaths go unnoticed.

Factors Responsible for High Infant and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria

Forthcoming with Orient Blackswan. Community factors Caste and Religion Almost 45 percent of the women who died were from scheduled tribes and a further 17 percent were from scheduled castes1. Socioeconomic Disparities in Adverse Birth Outcomes: Maternal and Perinatal death inquiry and response.

Factors Affecting Maternal Mortality Essay Sample

While there was difficulty in getting vehicles to transport women from one facility to another, families often also narrated that they faced difficulties in getting designated ambulances or vehicles to come to their homes to pick up women during an emergency. Cesarean hysterectomy at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans consecutive operations.

In the framework proposed by WHO, although cultural and social norms are presented under structural factors, we believe that they also stem from the community context and can also be considered as intermediary factors. Perinatal and infant mortality in the United States and six West European countries.

Am J Public Health. Maternal Health services cannot be improved in isolation. Do racial inequities in infant mortality correspond to variations in societal conditions? Too far to walk: This case study describes a collaborative effort in India the Dead Women Talking Initiative to illustrate the implications of a social determinants approach to maternal deaths.

Maternal mortality due to acute toxemia. The study requires a lot of time right from the development of the research proposal to data collection to data analysis and finally the making of the research report Difficulty in access to information.

Factors affecting maternal mortality and morbidity among American Indians.

She already had three children including one son, but the desire for two sons, propelled her to the fourth pregnancy despite her family being aware of the risk. Structural Factors Several system-induced vulnerabilities could be seen in the narratives.

Some of the data required in the study was not readily available at time and at times it required a lengthy procedure to access some of the files of the patient from the hospital which requires clearance from the director of the hospital. Bureau for Development Policy.Factors Affecting Maternal Mortality Essay Sample.

Maternal mortality rate is the annual number of mothers who die per births from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy, management and delivery. Oct 19,  · The risk of maternal and infant mortality and pregnancy-related complications can be reduced by increasing access to quality preconception Many factors can affect pregnancy and childbirth, including: The determinants that influence maternal health also affect pregnancy outcomes and infant and child health.

The social and cultural factors affecting maternal health in rural Gambia are multidimensional and interlinked, but include the interplay of the following factors: (1) pregnant women’s heavy workload, (2) division of labor within the household, (3) women’s unfavorable position in the household and (4) limited access to and utilization of.

2 A CANARY IN THE COAL MINE Maternal Mortality Maternal Mortality Maternal Mortality: Death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of the end of pregnancy from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management.

Community Level Risk Factors for Maternal Mortality in Madagascar Julio C. Hernandez*1 and Christine M. Moser2 1Assistant Professor, University of Turabo, Gurabo. understanding the factors that affect maternal mortality at the community level is crucial because this is the level at which most policy is implemented.

This. It provides information on the factors responsible for high infant and maternal mortality rate in Abakaliki urban in EBonyi State. The data collected will be useful both to the government and health personnel’s and equally useful to the expectant mothers.

Factors affecting maternal mortality
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