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Family connections can help women seek elected positions at both the national and local government level. Familial influence can be a barrier or a support system for female elected officials in terms of connections.

In Vedic times, women were not treated as inferior or subordinate but equal to men in all matters of life. In all these cases, women serve as the lynchpin for programs, whether they are rural Self Help Groups SHG or global programs that aspire to foster entrepreneurship.

Many studies conducted in India and elsewhere in so-called developed countries revealed that equal sharing of housework is still a nightmare for women. Women education was almost banned. The panchayati raj, that bedrock of rural government, has fostered more and more women participants and leaders.

But for every Saroja who will be married at 13 because her mother, a devadasi prostitute in Chikanahalli Village, Karnataka, cannot afford to pay a dowry, there is a Lakshmi, who is serving her second-term as the panchayat leader of Kadinamala village in Kotagiri district.

Even birth is a hurdle, thanks to widespread female infanticide in rural areas. What is the role of women in Indian politics?

The Government of India requires reservation of seats for Dalits and Scheduled Castesbut women suffer from abuse and discrimination when serving as elected officials.

Theoretically, women might have been given more freedom but in practice, they still suffer many hardships, inhuman dignities and unworthy treatment everywhere.

There is a Kenchamma of Nereleke gram panchayat in rural Karnataka, who survived life threats during her two terms as council leader.

Short Essay on Indian Politics and Politicians

Another significant feature of the 19th century was the attempt made by social reformers to educate Indian girls. Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, The United Nations has also encouraged empowerment among India women by campaigning to end violence against women in India.

It was found in Tamil Nadu that women lack the education and training to understand procedures in panchayats. As regards property rights, according to Vedic hymns, both husband and wife was joint owner of the property.

The description of position before BC shows that she enjoyed a fairly high status, though not to the extent that she enjoyed in Vedic period. As regards sati, burning of the widow, Shakuntala Rao Sastri writes that the Rigveda does not mention anywhere the practice of the burning or burial of widows with their dead husbands.

In this period, women were regarded just as a means of satisfying the physical desires of men. Purdah system came to be rigorously followed.

Talking to these women is a lesson in humility. Women are sexually abused. The above legislations and many other emancipatory actions of the social reformers have no doubt raised the status of women in India but still much is to be done in this field.

Vote is purchased by the party men. The dominant father model still persists in most of the middle and lower class families. The western countries have tremendously developed in all fields of life.

An orphan at age three, Geeta was raised by her elder sister.

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People expect good qualities in a politician. Dalit women, of the lowest caste in India, are continually discriminated against in running for public office. However, even the crucial income of poor females rarely enhance their status in this country. This simple quotation is sufficient to prove that how disrespect was shown towards women.

The gap between men and women voters has narrowed over time with a difference of Marriage was regarded as a religious bond. Women used to help their male members of their family in economic pursuits.

Unfortunately, many working wives have to face care of kids and household chores and all of this is shared unequally with their husbands. Some 34 out of every women are illiterate as compared to only 13 in China.

The good news, at least in India, is that these microfinance initiatives are reaching bigger swathes of the underserved.

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All the powers of the president mentioned above are exercised on recommendation of the Union Cabinetand the president does not have much discretion in any of these matters. Participants of micro-credit schemes are taught financial planning and investing techniques that they can use on the ground and in their business.

The most significant legislations relating to the problems faced by the Indian Hindu women passed during British period were as follows: They do not hold office of the higher rank, leaving aside a few popular cases.Women in Indian Politics: Political participation of Indian women, Essay Question: Define “politics” in your own words relate your definition to that of the classical scholars discussed in class.

What Is the Role of Women in Indian Politics? Growing Stronger…

and strongly continue to influence the politics of India. While India exults after yet another peacefully concluded election, one question remains: What is the role of women in Indian politics?

Women's political participation in India

The answer is both big and small. Typical of India, it. Essay on Role Of Women In Society; Essay On Unemployment; Essay on Role Of Women In Society [email protected] Dear i would love to write about Women in India but for it basic perceptions are needed as i have never been to India and for that i have to do some research for which i really don’t have time due to my own engagements and studies.

Women And Their Role In Society Politics Essay.

Women In Indian Politics

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Even though female part of the population now started to play an important role in society, in the sphere of politics women did not advance much for a long time. For instance, in New Zealand was the first country to give a right for women to vote on.

Mar 05,  · As the essay on politics in india states, Indian women didn’t miss a chance to grab high positions in politics. They dared to become Chief Minister (Jayalalitha, Sucheta Kriplani,Mayawati, Uma Bharati and Vasundhara Raje), UNO Secretary (Vijay laxmi Pandit), not to mention the highest position – the President of India (Pratibha Patil).4/4(61).

Role Of Women In Politics (Essay Sample) On the same note, women such as Vijay Laxmi Pandi from India was UNO Secretary while Indra Gandhi became the Prime Minister and Sucheta Kiplani, Jayalalitha, Uma Bharati, Mayawati and Vasundhara becoming Chief Ministers at different times.

These women have gained respect in the society and have.

Essay on women in politics in india
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