Essay on heritage tourism is good for us

Creating the Unique Destination Proposition. The promotion of Cultural tourism is a way of retaining the economic characteristics of the heritage sites. Rowan Yorke and Uzi Baram have compiled a number of studies relating to popular cultural sites worldwide, which deal with the interrelationship that exists between the commercial and political aspect of historical sites, including balancing the importance of archaeology against profit.

For example, in Mexico tourism has increased because of the predicted end of the Maya Calendar. It is estimated that around twenty percent or tourists now put the arts, culture and history among their top five reasons from traveling.

Culture[ edit ] Culture has always been a major object of travel, as the development of the Grand Tour from the 16th century onwards attests. Most researchers feel that Festivals take on a special significance. There is a specific historical purpose to both the design and purpose of their holiday.

This is particularly relevant in terms of the festival subject being studied within this paper. Falling travel costs have also made heritage tourism possible for more people. Today an increasing number of tourists are moving away from the concept of pre-packaged sun and leisure breaks.

Travel Industry Association of America Travelscope survey The consumer in this instance is not an average holidaymaker. Heritage tourism focuses on certain historical events, rather than presenting a balanced view of that historical period. However, physical material such as an artifact only serves as a reminder to us.

To achieve this, one must use the particular qualities of its historical value to target the appropriate market. Knowledge and traditions would have been lost, there would be no relationship between individuals. Cultural Tourism as Serious Leisure.

Its aim is to attract those tourists who have a deep inner necessity to get to know new places with history, by enabling them to feel part of the place they are visiting. The fact is that the artifact may be the only link that connects us to our ancester.

Annals of Tourism Research. To successfully market a musical festival one has to first evaluate what genre the music fits into together with its historical and geographical position, then look to the target audience, in order to give an organized structure to the marketing program.

Cultural tourism Promotion and facilitation[ edit ] Heritage tourism is supported by municipalities through promotion and tourist information in many countries and their administrative units, e.

The work by Domenico Zipoli from Prato, close to Florence is part of an extensive collection preserved by Bolivian specialists.1 ESSAY: WHAT IS HERITAGE? Susan Tonkin Susan Tonkin worked in the museum sector for 30 years, including time spent with the Museums Association of Australia Victorian Branch, the History Trust of South Australia and the National.

It is important for us to be aware that these spritual inheritances are what define us and make us different from others. Without heritage, every family or community or country would be alike.

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States defines heritage tourism as "traveling to experience the places.

Heritage tourism

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Cultural Heritage Tourism

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Essay on heritage tourism is good for us
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