Environmental factors affecting human behaviour

Physical Exposures Few data are available to make cross-national comparisons of exposure to harmful physical or chemical environmental hazards. Research has identified specific physiologic mechanisms by which these exposures affect inflammatory, autonomic, and vascular processes Brook et al.

What Are the Factors That Affect Human Behavior?

One theory for the tendency of some immigrant groups to have better health outcomes than might be expected on the basis of their incomes and education see Chapter 6 is the social support immigrants often provide one another Matthews et al.

Our understanding of kin has grown larger over time, from immediate family to village, group e. One mechanism through which the social environment can enhance health is through social support. Political Factors Political environment of the country will affect the individual behaviour not directly, but through several other factors.

Increasing knowledge about a subject or process allows us to retain more information relating to it. All of our life, we are trained, gender trained, to be more one way or the other. Health and the Built Environment: All these have an impact on the performance of the individuals.

Some workers will be dislocated unless they are well equipped to work on new machines. So the way we raise little boys, and we raise little girls, our brain circuits are so malleable. Many European countries have strong antisprawl and pro-urban centralization policies that may contribute to environments that encourage walking and physical activity as part of daily life Richardson and Bae, And it might be true that just the mere act of thinking can change your connectome; an idea that you may find empowering.

Further exploration is warranted. Status and trends through An attitude may be unconsciously held. Since no safe blood lead level have been identified for children, any exposure should be taken seriously. The social environment of an individual includes his relationship with family members, friends, colleagues, supervisors and subordinates.

For example, aside from their direct links to injury mortality see Chapter 1violence and drug use may be indirect markers of social environmental features that affect other health outcomes.

However, these conditions are important to health. In general, if a person has positive attitude about his work it will be reflected by very good work performance, less absenteeism, less turnover, obedience towards rule or authority etc.

Psychologically, younger people are expected to be more energetic, innovative, adventurous, ambitious and risk taking.

For example, the school environments of children, adolescents, and college students can affect diet, physical activity, and the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs Katz, ; Wechsler and Nelson, Performance declines with advancement of age because older people have less stamina, memory etc.

The tendency to abstain from work is more in females than in men, because historically, our society has placed home and family responsibilities on the females. A few economic factors which directly or indirectly affect the individual behaviour are as explained below: If you want to change peoples behaviour you need to work out which are the most important factors involved or which other factors can over-ride those and you can try to change or at least deal with them.

3 Ways The Environment Shapes Human Behavior

Levels of residential segregation shape environmental differences across neighborhoods Reardon and Bischoff, ; Subramanian et al. What is it that makes us human? According to Tedeschi and Lindskold, people who are open minded seem to work out better in bargaining agreements than people who are narrow minded.

References 1 World Health Organization. All the human beings have certain characteristics which are genetic in nature and are inherited.

When a child is ill, or the house is being white washed or some unexpected guests turn up, it is the female who has to take leave. This finding is in sharp contrast to studies of the United States, which have found associations between neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage and the absence of resources that are important to public health Diez Roux and Mair, What is your religious and moral beliefs.

Whereas younger people absent themselves from job due to avoidable reasons e.


Hormones [Emotional propensity] - If you are a teenage male you are likely to have a surge in testosterone which will amplify the likelyhood of aggression assuming the situation is one that involves violence or aggression.

Work experience is considered to be a good indicator of employee productivity. Values determine what is right and what is wrong, where right or wrong is interpreted in terms of perceived values of the decision maker.

Top 3 Factors Affecting Individual Behaviour

Though technology is not an economic factor, but we include it in the economic factors because of the impact it has on the individual job opportunities. What causes these changes? Some people are born intelligent or in other words intelligent parents produce intelligent children.

All of us have a hierarchy of values that form our value system. Social support has appeared in many but not all studies to buffer the effects of stress Cohen and Wills, ; Matthews and Gallo, ; Ozbay et al.Environmental, organisational and job factors, in brief, influence the behaviour at work in a way which can affect health and safety.

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A simple way to view human factors is to think about three aspects: the individual, the job and the organisation and their impact on people's health and safety-related behaviour. Factors that affect human behavior include attitude, perception, genetics, culture, social norms and ethics of a society, religious inclination, coercion and influence by authority.

Human behavior is defined as the range of actions and behaviors exhibited by humans at certain stages of development. • Behavior is important and understanding the factors that influence can help understanding why people make certain decisions or why people act in a certain way.

• What we surround ourselves with in our environment has an effect on us and some for good and others for bad. Sep 06,  · The World Health Organization (WHO) defines environment, as it relates to health, as “all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviors.”1 Environmental health consists of preventing or controlling disease, injury, and disability related to the interactions between people and their.

Environmental factors have a huge impact on the human behavior in the organizations. Cite This Essay To export a reference to this article. Factors Affecting Behaviour Update: Dr Robert Sapolsky has done a TED talk which puts these factors of human behaviour into great context, focused around the timeframes with which they have an effect.

Environmental factors affecting human behaviour
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