Ccld level 3 reflective account

K3d - What are the legal requirements covering the needs of the children with disabilities and special educational needs when attending childcare settings? If the activities are taking longer than expected and you can see that the students are really struggling, things again would need to be addressed.

Health and Social Care Course: K3c, k3d - What are the legal requirements that relate to your setting, covering the way that you relate and interact with children? However, the professional relationships you develop with people you support are another matter.

K3d - What strategies can you use to challenge and deal with different types of behaviour which are consistent with your setting policies? How do you encourage and support these at a young age? It is important that I conduct myself in the correct manner within the school as children will often mirror others actions.

The duties and responsibilities are: As a professional, you are required to provide the same quality of support for all, not just for those who share your views and beliefs. Make sure that parents read and sign the report.

I am also expected to deal, to the best of my ability, with challenging aggressive, rude or traumatised children. What you believe in, what you see as important and what you see as acceptable or desirable is an essential part of who you are.

If the child or adult has trouble hearing I would try a different technique to help them to understand what was being said such as using flash cards or even speaking slowly and clearly to that child or adult so that they can see my lips moving and may be able to lip read.

This means focusing on how we interact with colleagues, service users and the environment. Evaluating helps you to see if something is succeeding or may need changing. Wash and change children as required d.

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My role also means that I will support the children so they are confident in their journey though the school. Unit Develop and promote positive relationships.

To be aware of any weak areas that I come across whilst working with the children, for example a child that may need extra support within their numeracy, literacy or phonics time.

Whilst I may need to do this at times I am also aware that the class teacher is there for support. K3c - What is the meaning of anti K3c - Why is it important to encourage and support positive relationships between children and other adults in the setting and what strategies do you use to do this?

I remain professional at all times and act appropriately.

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The communication difficulties you might come across, the importance of being sensitive to them and how you can adapt your own communications to meet their individual needs. K3m, k3m - What are the legal requirements and your settings procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and the disclosure of information?

If the child or adult has trouble seeing I would try to use materials that have bright, bold colours so that the they have more of a chance seeing, and would have more of an understanding of what was happening, and if the child or adult has a speech impediment I would listen to them carefully and I would also be patient with them, then they will also be patient and take more time to pronounce their words.

K3c, k3c, k3c, SVQ Children’s Care Learning & Development Level 4 Candidate Information.

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Children’s Care Learning & Development [email protected] janec Page 3 23/11/ 3 The expert witness could also give a candidate feedback on a reflective account. P Products. Open Document.

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SVQ Level 3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development Knowledge and Evidence Booklet CCLD Support children in developing relationships CCLD Communicate with adults About this Unit You may be able to use a reflective account to provide. CCLD Reflect on and develop practice Unit CCLD Reflect on and develop practice page 1 of 3 This is a mandatory unit in the level 3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development NVQ/SVQ.

It also Reflective practice. Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families - Level 5 BTEC HNC (Pearson) Start Date: *Learners who possess qualified practitioner status must complete a reflective account in order to achieve this unit.

A minimum of 1 ‘A’ Level pass or relevant Level 3 qualification, eg. CCLD, Health & Social Care, Specialist Teaching.

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NVQ level 3 reflective accounts, please help? Hello, I have just started an NVQ level 3 in dental nursing. I've been put on this level straight away as I already have A levels and a HND qualification.

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Ccld level 3 reflective account
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