Cause and effect of kristallnacht essay

A women, representative of all German people, is sitting and tied up in ropes. On the other hand, the Nazis must have known that if they were to go out of power then all their secret documents would be opened, so they would have still given biased accounts.

Without this stamp, Polish citizens would be refused re-entry into Poland. More devastating, however, was that the Jews were no longer citizens of Germany.

It is only a warning but it is enough to stop the Nazi soldier destroying and murdering. For once the Jews should get the feel of popular anger. Is it really right to hold an entire people accountable for the actions of just one person?

This is nine years after the Nazi party ceased control over Germany in so Nazi censorship was no longer in force; this means that the journalist was free to write as he pleased about the Nazis and any events that happened.

No names were mentioned as to who started them. Because of these contradictions, and Source A is more reliable than Source H, the latter source now seems less reliable and more likely to be wrong.

Then I briefly speak in that vein to the Party leadership. Palestine and even 14, made it to Shanghai, China. Kristallnacht however, showed them the harsh reality that they were in danger. The source is quite reliable because Goering would have had a good idea of what was going one inside the Nazi party because he was a chief Nazi.

Four thousand Jews were eventually let into Poland, but at least 7, were forced to stay at the station in Zbasyn, without food, housing, money, or any information on what was to happen. However, some might say that the fact that it is secret means it was not intended to be opened by anyone else so instead would give the real account of what happened, which does make it reliable and useful.

Jews were basically left to the will of the state. However, they both show that Hitler was sorry for what happened. Source I like Source B, was written by top Nazi officials and is also very unclear. So at this point in time Jews were very restricted. He convinced the people of Germany that the Jews were a scourge and had to be destroyed.

Some material is covering her mouth, preventing her from speaking. Slowly, Germany began putting more and more restrictions on Jews?

Kristallnacht Essay

Cause and Effect of Kristallnacht 8. Kristallnacht was a very significant point in the Holocaust, and it is important to understand the events leading up to it, and the consequences of it.

The Grynszpan family much like 15, other Jews that were originally from Poland were ousted and forced out of Germany, and transported by train and dumped at the Polish border. Source D does hint at blaming the people but it is unreliable so one cannot use it to strengthen or weaken the accuracy of another source because that source it most likely to contain wrong information.

This makes it seem like the Nazi party was trying to cover up something — maybe they did plan it after all. The majority of which went to other European countries, the U. As a journalist, he would have been there at the event so would have seen very clearly all that took place, enabling him to write an accurate account, making the source reliable and useful.

The fact that the woman is sitting down out of view of the Nazis shows that the Nazis are not taking any notice of the German public as the woman is representative of all German people. The stamp was not given out, however, leaving approximately 50, Polish Jews without permission to re-enter the country.

It does not say what about — it could have been unrest due to the dislike of anti-Semitism. Furious, Grynszpan bought a pistol and some bullets on November 6th, and on November 7th, went to the German Embassy with a plan to kill the Ambassador.

The Reich Citizenship Law was one of two legislative acts promulgated at a special session of the Reichstag in Nuremberg during the annual Nazi Party rally in Kristallnacht Pogrom, Causes and Consequences.

The year saw a horrific radicalization of the anti-Jewish policy of the Nazi regime.

What was the main cause of Kristallnacht - Assignment Example

The change began with the events surrounding the annexation of Austria to Germany (the Anschluss), which was accompanied by unprecedented attacks on the Jews of Vienna. The World. Free Essay: Cause and Effect of Kristallnacht The Holocaust was a great tragedy, but it didn't happen overnight.

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kristallnacht Order Description essay question: What was the relationship between popular anti-Semitic action and Nazi policy around the time of the Kristallnacht? Discuss with particular reference to Samuel Honaker’s despatches and the transcript of the discussion of the aftermath of the Kristallnacht that Herman Goering chaired on 12.

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Cause and effect of kristallnacht essay
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