Blue tile lounge writing a check

The vanity was golden oak and low, and the floors were sheet vinyl. Work included repairing the skylight, fixing problems with the ductwork, which was not properly connected to the furnace, and adding insulation to make the bathroom warmer and more soundproof.

Vanity and cabinet color: Stacey, my partner, is pretty amazing with him and even with her shouldering more then her fair share of looking after him its still made finding time to work challenging! Keeping the toilet in the same spot made sense and eliminated the expense of moving any plumbing lines.

Underneath, the deep drawers have cutouts to fit around the plumbing. Lil Pheonix Happy Kuilboer Pronounced: Blue Nose, Benjamin Moore; countertop: The toilet area is to the right.

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GranderaGrohe; sinks: Kill Bore rocked up in late August. Sometimes when you use just one finish it can make your eyes just glaze over.

One problem with the existing layout was a lack of storage. The golden tones of the brass add warmth and another dimension. The countertops are quartz with a soft gray veining pattern. The supra is in the shed coping a race spec head, custom inlet manifold and new big boy turbos BIG hpwhile the Aristo is the daily drive.

At 66 inches long, it still has plenty of room for two sinks. Cross contrasted the blue with white and hints of gray.

Powerful Pattern in a Blue-and-White Bathroom

Sandra Cross Interiors Inc. Mainly working in black and white, Kuilboer creates a harsh contrasted point of view and setting to the ambiguous grey, shady and weird scenarios and ideals spewed forth.

She used a lacquer finish and added lucite and hand-rubbed brass cabinet hardware that echo the silhouettes and finishes on the sconces. Swanbridge Quartz, Cambria; faucets: Not to sound like too much of a cliche but it does change nearly every thing. I think its made me more efficient with the time that I do have because its so much more precious now!

Blue Tile Lounge

Color and material palette. Repairing the ductwork allowed Cross to hide the register in the toe kick underneath the vanity rather than letting it interrupt the herringbone marble floor. If you had to choose, like end of the world, life or death scenario And with all the kids almost grown up, no one needed a bathtub anymore or enjoyed showering in the tub-shower combo.

This was a down-to-the studs renovation. This also helps bounce the light around the room. In addition to pot lights in the ceiling to enhance the skylight, she mounted two long and elegant hand-rubbed brass-and-glass sconces right onto the mirror.

And their slab doors have a modern look. The other two are imports, my deep dark secret guilty pleasure, a JDM Supra 2. The bathroom was dark and dated.

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At the moment I have three cars, unfortunately only one of them is with-in the genre that I love so much, and its still a work in progress!

Two are away at college and one will be leaving for college soon. The homeowners were pleased with the layout, though they wanted increased storage.

Its dramatic makeover began with a striking wallpaper. Thibaut; browse blue geometric wallpapers Before.Workday users should access the site through Workday. Please click the below link to be taken to workday and then select the Blue Tile University link from your dashboard.

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Located at 95 Smith Street Fitzroy, Blue Tile Lounge is a hidden gem you'll want to turn into your new local. With live music every night, a chilled atmosphere and ongoing events such as art exhibitions, open mic nights, comedy nights and swap meets, make sure you check back for all the news and updates.

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Learn more. Laird won best trick on the love seat. I was hoping the winning trick would be a grind but all the stoners slept in. FYI Larid’s winning trick was a frontal kick flipper and he rules.

Blue tile lounge writing a check
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